Cacao Ceremony

Last week I attended a magical Cacao Ceremony guided by my dear friend: Mariana Love. It was an amazing experience! The combination of women, circles, healing, wisdom cards, cacao, snacks and love. I love the energy when you get together with women to do something. Mariana brought this incredible Cacao from Guatemala. Then we had Read more

The Inner Goddess Project

How would you describe your process of awakening your Inner Goddess? by: RawMuff, Cris Gris and Baxter Studio. A few months ago, we had the opportunity to make an incredible collaboration and gather a group of amazing women, each one with a different story. I love every time I organice a certain gathering, the perfect people end up Read more

Letter To My Unborn Daughter

Letter to My Unborn Daughter You scare the shit out of me. As I write this, you have been inside of me for 23 weeks. For the past couple of weeks, you have been kicking — making yourself known. Last week, I was not so sure what I was feeling — was it gas or was it you? This week, Read more

Le Clitoris (Documentary)

“Women are lucky, they get to have the only organ in the human body dedicated exclusively for pleasure: the clitoris! In this humorous and instructive animated documentary, find out its unrecognized anatomy and its unknown her story.” – Lori Malépart-Traversy   “The purpose of this short animated documentary is to demystify female sexuality by discovering Read more

Pink Moon Magic Circle

So yesterday we celebrated the Pink Moon of April by doing a full moon ritual at a beautiful apartment in Brooklyn. It is amazing that you can be anywhere in the world, and still being able to connect with women for the first time and feel as if you knew them for a long time. Read more

Full Moon Milk Bath Ritual

The Full Moon in Gemini on December 14 is a Super Moon, helping us have a higher vision of our future so that we are able to share our deepest truth with the world. Awaken our creativity and pamper ourselves a lot. “When we can once again uncover the interior pattern amidst the world rubble, Read more

Yoko Ono’s Cleaning Pieces

CLEANING PIECE I Write down a sad memory. Put it in a box. Burn the box and sprinkle the ashes in the field. You may give some ashes to a friend who shared the sadness. CLEANING PIECE II Make a numbered list of sadness in your life. Pile up stones corresponding to those numbers. Add Read more

I Found Inner Peace With A Healing Crystal Dildo

By: Alison Stevenson Here I am, lying on my bed, unenthusiastically swiping left and right on a few dozen dudes on Tinder, many of whom look like they own mustache wax and/or one too many wide-brimmed hats. I don’t want to fuck any of them. Dejected, I throw my phone away, letting it land wherever Read more

99 Ways To Help You Live More Consciously: How To Raise Your Vibration

Below are 99 ways to help you live life in a conscious way. Raising your personal vibration rate not only helps you live life with greater ease, but it also affects the collective consciousness of earth in a positive way. So really it is a win-win situation. As always, take away what makes you feel Read more

Fall Equinox Brings Kali And The Burning Of The Old Self

I am so happy with how things always happen with such perfect synchronicity. And yesterday, Caro, a very good friend of mine, invited me to her house to hang out and maybe do a ritual together for some self love. And then we realised, that it was the PERFECT timing to perform a ritual! Today Read more

Not Everyone In Our Lives Are Meant To Stay

The Three Worst Things by: Ana Beniara There are 3 things that I don’t like to feel from someone else and there for, I try to avoid them: to be cancelled, ignored or rejected. That is why when I know there is a slight chance someone is going to tell me no to something or they Read more

New Moon Means New You

I just love doing rituals every time I have the opportunity. And this new moon was the perfect night to have one. When there is a New Moon going on, our bodies are ready to let go of what we no longer need and we can set new intentions in our lives. Performing a ritual always makes everything more Read more

Nectar. A Piece By Somos Polen And Lady Gold.

What an amazing gift being able to collaborate with other people. Two minds, suddenly creating something together. That is how it all started with Tetei Cornejo, the creative mind behind the lovely brand Somos Polen. We met one day, randomly, at her studio. And we knew we had to do something together. Our worlds were Read more

Gratitude Journal

Wonder is something we have since we are born. To be amazed by the little things is to be in love with life, to enjoy all of it’s pleasures and learn to be happy with everything around you. It is like being kids all over again every day and seeing those small details sometimes adults Read more

Give Yourself In Order To Receive

Everything comes to this quote: “I’m going to look back on my life and wonder why I spent so much time waiting for love, instead of just living.” I think that the discovering of this quote was some sort of big bang for my head and it made me think a lot that this situation Read more

Why We Love… Tavi Gevinson

“When you’re a kid you’re already trying to create your own world and organize the one in front of you, but then you get all insecure around 6th grade and don’t think you have a right to share that.” What fascinates me about this lovely human being, is that she has being able to create Read more

Why Is It So Hard To Let People Go?

Feeling Yourself by: Lady Gold and Stef Tejada. Now it is my turn to answer Stef’s question. From our last post a few weeks ago: Click here. From our lovely collaboration on asking each other things that we sometimes do not understand. You can check our manifesto here: Manifesto. Why do you think it is so Read more

Love Your Feminine

The feminine energy is awakening in all of us. It must be celebrated. Everything is a balance. Absolutely everything that exists has a balance between two polarities. The yin (feminine) and the yang (masculine). When we are aware of this, we know that we need both energies to live in harmony. What we are on Read more

Why Girls Who Cut Their Hair Are Actually Cutting Off So Much More

There are few girls who would dare to deny this universal truth transcendent among women of all ages residing across the seemingly infinite expanse of the universe: There is no material possession in our lives rich with greater substance than our HAIR. I don’t care if its length surpasses the curve of your waist or Read more

Because Joy Is Just As Beautiful As Pain.

“True Love Waits.” I’ll drown my beliefs To have your babies I’ll dress like your niece And wash your swollen feet Just don’t leave Don’t leave When I first heard this song by Radiohead at age 17, I didn’t quite understand the lyrics, but something about the melody and Thom Yorke’s voice left a grave Read more

The Pollen Muff Tribe

Finally! So happy to tell you about this beautiful project I’ve been working on these past few months, inspired by the bees and their ability to work together as a community to create something very magical, just like women. I’ve always been very fascinated by the connection women have with the bees. And how nature Read more

New Moon In Gemini, Finally!

“I don’t know why we all hang on to something we know we’re better off letting go. It’s like we’re scared to lose what we don’t even really have. Some of us say we’d rather have that something than absolutely nothing, But the truth is, to have it halfway is harder than not having it Read more

Unike Muzik Presents: Leo Leal and Lady Gold

In Monterrey this weekend? Come down to Casa Morelos for our favourite monthly parties by Unike Muzik, It will be an all night set by Leo Leal and I will be playing at the rooftop from 12 to 2am. It’s spring! Time to celebrate the new you! Dance dance dance! Here is the event: Unike Read more

The Second New Moon Gathering

Finally! I am back! And so excited to share with you guys so many news and things I have been doing lately. Still, I had an amazing time taking a break from all social media, and dedicating my time on CREATING. I cannot wait to show you my finished work! And as part of all Read more

Suck Dick, Smoke Weed

In the process of understanding femininity, I came to the conclusion that the best way to awaken your inner feminine is by practicing self love and pleasure. Femininity is intended to be cherished. We are the generators of love. When a woman feels loved, she creates love all around her. And for her to feel Read more

Give Thanks To Your Hair Today.

When was the last time you gave thanks to your body hair for everything it has done for you? Why women whyyy are we so used to hating many things that happen naturally in our bodies? As a teen I remember, I hated having body hair, pubic hair and armpit hair. Hated it. And now Read more

Why Do We Struggle On Loving Ourselves?

Feeling Yourself by: Lady Gold and Stef Tejada So my first question to Stef is this: And this is her reply: From my experience I can totally remember my friends making fun of things that I would have never thought were weird in my body, like the size of my head for example or the Read more

Feeling Your…Self

Feeling Your…Self. The Manifesto “Occupy yourself”, they always say. We live in a world where feelings are suppressed. Both men and women have been taught that if you start to feel something, either good or bad, you need to occupy yourself on doing something else. Because feelings are such a waste of time and energy. Read more

“Own Your Sexuality, Redefine It. Own This And You Own It All.”

“Real power isn’t about putting men down or having power over anyone else. It’s about owning your power. Money is power. But, then again, so is sex: own your sexuality and redefine it. Own this, and you own it all. Now forget about what you’ve been taught to want, and know what you are capable Read more